Fady Malki was born andraised in Paris, growing up in a hair salon that was owned by her parents. She began her incredible journey with hair at a young age when she was first inspired by her father. Fady knew it her calling from the very offset relishing in the creative atmosphere and yearning for more. She decided to enroll at the Darboy academy in Paris where she learned the insides and out of the business. But it was more then cutting hair, it was a spiritual fulfillment as she found one of the very first hair salons she worked at was all Buddhist. There they taught her to think beyond superficiality to the creation of art. She connected with people on a deeper level and was able to see their beauty inside & out.

From there her mentor at the salon sent her to numerous top training programs under such names as Leonor Greyl, Frank Rush academy, Sophie Gatto, Kerastas, L’oreal… She also pushed her to go work for Jean Claude Biguine in the beginning, she knew it was what she needed in order to further her education. Working at Jean Claude Biguine in Champs Elysées, where at only the age of 19 she was able to become assistant manager. From there she continue to work with Daniel Harlow (he was well known for his clipper and razor techniques at the time). As well as Dora, a woman well known in the entertainment business at the time who had perfected new afro-hair techniques. 

Eventually, Fady desired change and decided to move to London to work for the prestigious Tony & Guy salon. This is where her love story with hair really began, she developed more confidence and freedom to be creative and started working on photo shoots with photographers. 

For Fady hair styling will always be more then just surface level profession, it was a way to really bring the inner beauty out of an individual. Through it all, Fady is still down to earth, enjoys whatever work that is in front of her. She is a passionate, a true artist.

Currently, Fady resides in New York city working full time on Fashion, Commercial and Entertainment projects as a hairstylist and consultant.

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